For a number of years Carol and I have been writing about our travels and adventures as we visited the east coast, the west coast and plenty of spots in between.  What we have never done is tell you about the beautiful area we live in.


We have never described the adventures which are available right in our own back yard . . . and there are plenty of them!


We live an a wonderful area, full of history and beauty.  Our city, Kingston, is mid-way between Toronto and Montreal.  We are located at the junction of three significant waterways, Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River and the Rideau Canal.  The area north of us is dotted with the Rideau Lakes and to our east stretch the beautiful Thousand Islands.


On this page we will try to show you a bit about our "back yard"!


Just follow the blue links below.


Fort Henry
  - Sunset Ceremonies
  - Fort Fright
Upper Canada Village
  - Pumpkinferno
  - Alight at Night
Thousand Islands Scenic Cruises
Rideau Canal