In September and October each year Fort Henry is transformed into Fort Fright - it's a spook-tacular event!

The magnificent old limestone building echoes with screams, moans, clanking chains and every horror filled sound imaginable.  Spooks abound as you cautiously explore eerie tunnels leading to out-of-the-way store rooms which have become the lairs of a horde of ghosts, goblins, ghouls and gargoyles.

The moment you enter the Advance Battery the terror begins to build as you pass by a cemetery littered with bones and skulls.  Wait . . . what's that?  Are some of those mannequins moving?

When you move down the ramp-way toward the lower Fort, approaching the Equipoise Bridge and the gate, you see a macabre sight . . . bones and barbed wire hang from the gate!

We passed on the opportunity to ride an authentic coffin.  If you are brave enough you can climb into the coffin and spend a few minutes pretending to be buried alive.  Sorry, but that's just a bit too spooky for me . . . but lots of folks give it a whirl!

The officers barracks are full of skeletons and as you feel your way through dimly lit corridors enjoying the eerie decor - don't be surprised it you encounter a real live goblin lurking in the dark!

Soon a skeleton invites you to climb down a gloomy stone staircase and follow a narrow stone-lined tunnel leading to a remote corner of the Fort.  Caution - it's haunted down there!


Curdling screams emanate from dark casemates, dampness hangs at your feet and the Fort feels colder than ever before.


Enter if you dare!

We climbed back up to the main level of the lower Fort and headed to the eerily lit outdoor parade ground.  It was filled with corpses and skeletons.  Zombies roamed and screamed as we explored.  A man was groaning and strenuously fighting  to free himself from the gallows.


This is a very old video but it gives you an idea what to expect at Fort Fright.


Hollywood-style animatronics, special audio/video effects, live scare actors, creatures and ghouls are everywhere! 


One room features an inflated device - it's totally black and you hold your arms out in front as you squeeze through a totally dark area with the soft inflated walls pushing in  firmly on either side.  Very claustrophobic!


Another room features a footbridge surrounded by a revolving drum covered with colored lights.  You are invited to cross the footbridge.  Ouch, neither Carol not I could do this one, those revolving lights were just too disorienting for us.  It was an amazing effect!


There's even a shooting gallery where you can hone your kill-skills by shooting at ghouls, goblins and monsters!

At the new Discovery Centre you can hop aboard a Haunted Hayride down the Great Waterway Panic Pathway!

It's no wonder that Fort Fright has won awards!


We had a great time - try to work Fort Fright into your plans soon.  It's well worth a visit!


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