Disneyana Collectibles


Clock, Snow Globes, Alice in Wonderland Framed Pin Set

Does your house have a Disney Room?


I think everyone should have a Disney Room.  My problem is that my Disney Room is too small.  It is absolutely crammed full of items I have collected over the years.  I have stuff packed in boxes as well as an old trunk full of Disney memorabilia.  I have over the years saved all the printed material from every trip I have taken. This now provides for some interesting reading since WDW has changed so much since my first trip in 1977.


I have been collecting Disney pins since 2001 and have quite a collection that I keep in binders. I do however have some framed pin sets that I am very proud of and these are displayed on what limited wall space I have.  I also collect Disney Movies that started with the first releases of Disney films on VHS and has graduated to DVDís.  I stick mainly to the animated features although I do have a couple of non-animated favourites such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Mary Poppins.  These are all displayed in the room in a couple of nice stands.

Animated clock based on "The Clock Cleaners" cartoon

A Disney Snnowman

Pooh Corner

Other items on display in cabinets and shelves are Disney music boxes, figurines, plush toys, framed pin sets, animation cells, snow globes, books, bobble heads, potato heads, a Mickey View Master, Mickey bubble gum machine, old record player, Mickey radio, tennis racket and a tin lunch bucket. There are many, many more items tucked away here and there, too numerous to mention.

Mickey Through the Years

Disney Classics Collection

My favourites are my pieces from the Disney Classics Collection. They are actually not in my Disney room but hold a place of honour in the curio cabinet in the living room.

Mickey Gum Ball Machine

I'm not alone in adding to this collection.  In spite of constantly teasing me about being a "Disney Nut", my husband Gary has a clock that comes alive every hour.  Gears and wheels spin while Mickey, Goofy and Donald take turns announcing the time.  He also has a Goofy desk lamp.  When you press a button, Goofy speaks to you and then his arm pulls a chain to turn the light on or off.  It seems I may not be the only Disney Nut in this household.

At Christmas time almost every room turns into a Disney room. My tree is trimmed with Disney ornaments, the wreaths have Disney characters, and the winter village that I set up in the dining room consists of Disney houses and characters. There are plenty of Christmas plush characters that hang around on tables and shelves too . . . not to mention the occasional candy dish or cookie jar that has a Mickey face on it.

Mickey Mouse Radio

1st Disneyana Convention Mug (1992)

Mickey Mouse lunch box

Mickey View Master

If you look around our house you will see a bit of Disney in every corner, so while we have a designated Disney room, I have to admit there is a lot of overflow that makes it more like a Disney house.

Carol's work station

Figurines & Clock

Gary's work station

Music Boxes & stuff

In October 2006, after we both retired,  we moved from Burlington, ON to Kingston, ON.  When we started to unpack I began to panic . . .


Although our new house was larger, there didn't seem to be enough space to display all of my Disney collectibles.  I decided to pick out my favourite items and display them while Gary built me a brand new Disney Room in our new home.   By May of 2007 the new 650 square foot Disney Room was ready and I eagerly began to put up my "stuff"!


Here are a few pictures from the new room!

The new Disney Room Some Disney art!
More Disney art! My scrapbooking desk - surrounded by Disney!
A bookcase Another bookcase
A sewing machine covered with Disney stuff! Figurines and pictures
The Nightmare corner! Some more Disney art!
Animation cels More Animation cels

My Disney Classic Collection pieces!

My Jim Shore pieces!

Disney stuff is everywhere!

Disney Music Boxes













We now have a new problem . . . we have used up almost all the available wall space and it is becoming a real challenge to work in my new treasures every time we return from the parks.


I just don't know how I can deal with that!