You can easily find the basic parts you need at Michael’s or a similar Craft Store.

You will need:

  • One 18 inch wire wreath frame

  • Two 12 inch wire wreath frames

  • Plastic wire ties

  • One 12 foot rope light (I have also used 18 foot rope lights)

Michael’s also sells a wire easel which your completed light will stand on, or you can simply hang it on a wall, on a fence or from a tree.

Here’s a picture of the basic parts.

Peel off any tags or paper and lay the wreath frames on a work surface in the basic Mickey head configuration.

Now begin to tie the frames together using the wire ties. My wire ties are about 5 inches, but the size is not really important.  Here are a few pictures to show how the ties are applied.

Now simply use wire cutters to cut the “tails” off the wire ties. Then use your fingers to twist the wire ties so that the little locking block is at the back out of sight.

Voila – you have a Mickey head and now you are ready to attach the rope light.

Start with the plug at the bottom and use wire ties to attach the lights to the outer wire on the 18 inch ring. When you get to the smaller ring (the ear) continue around the outer edge of the larger ring and then turn to go up the far side of the ear. Here's a picture of what I mean:

When you've gotten this far, snip off those "tails" and turn those little locking blocks to the back, out of sight and out of the way.

Now continue to attach the rope lights around the ear and then place the rope directly on top of the first strand where they overlap. Make sure they are one on top of the other when you tighten the wire tie. This will ensure that you only see one strand when they are lit up. I think it's a "cleaner" look that way. Carry on with the wire ties all the way across the top of the Mickey head to the far side of the second ear and then turn them up the ear again.


Here's another picture:

This is where you trim the "tails " and turn the locking blocks again. Now continue around the ear and carefully overlap the strands at the bottom of the ear. Keep right on attaching the rope around the edge of the larger ring until you reach the end with the plug attached. You will have a little bit of extra rope light. I put it under the first strand so the "connector" is more or less out of sight.

It should look like this:

Trim those tails and turn those blocks, and you're done. Aren't you proud of yourself? You've just made a Rope Light Mickey.  When you plug it in it will look like this:

If you're looking for a Mickey Mouse wreath, just add some seasonal garland!  Everything can be attached with small wire ties.


If you have a few special Disney decorations they can add some character too!

A string of seasonal lights can be used instead of the rope light to give your wreath a festive glow!

Add a string of lights, some garland, a few antenna toppers and a Minnie Mouse doll to make a festive Christmas wreath!


Use your imagination and have some fun!