I began researching family history in 1990 and first focused on the Peat family, my late wife Jane's ancestors who arrived from Scotland in 1843.  We published a book spanning seven generations of this family in 1993.

I received a huge assist with my paternal ancestry when my cousin Monte shared all the information he had assembled in his years of research.  Since the early 1990's he and I have shared information and expanded our knowledge of this family since they arrived from Ireland in the late 1830's.  In 2006 we established a link with a "new" cousin, Fern, in Quebec and through her research we have added hundreds of new relatives to our common family.  Monte, Fern and I are currently focused on finding that missing link which will help us pinpoint the town in Ireland where those early Canadian pioneers originated.  Irish research is extremely difficult since so many records were lost in the 1921 fire in the Four Courts, but we soldier on!

I have also prepared books covering my maternal ancestors (the Meade family) and my wife Carol's paternal line, the Kelly family.

Genealogy is a very tedious, yet fascinating hobby.  Over the years I have spent countless hours in libraries, museums, registry offices, archives and LDS (Mormon) Church Family History Centres.  Often times many hours of work will produce absolutely no meaningful results . . . and then you find that one little piece of information which causes so many other facts to fall into place.  Those times are very rewarding.

Last year we used cutting edge DNA science to prove our connection to the line of Cruises in Quebec and to another Cruise line in Western Canada.

We hope one day to publish a book to document our Cruise family heritage, but that will wait until we can conclusively determine exactly where they originated in Ireland.


Great Great Grandfather

William Cruise

1824 - 1904



Great Great Grandfather

Edward Meade

1839 - 1914


My son Steve Cruise and his partner Trish recently presented us with our first grandchild, Sean William Richard Cruise, born July 10, 2008 in Gatineau, QC.  Here is a picture of the newest member of our Cruise clan with his proud grandparents!


September 2009 - now Sean is walking!

Grandma, Grandpa & Sean