Sunday November 19, 2023

This rig is over 60 feet long when it's all hooked up.

After 30 nights at Disney's Fort Wilderness it was time to move on.  It was a short 60 mile drive to our next home, The Resort at Canopy Oaks about 15 miles east of Lake Wales.


We hooked up the car on the way out and left Walt Disney World behind at about 10:45 Sunday morning.

Jasper was quite relaxed scooting down the road on the back of the couch!

We pulled into Canopy Oaks at 12:15

From the moment we pulled in it felt like we were home!  We had a quick sandwich and then got busy pulling our stuff out of the 'basement' storage hatches.


It was 85º while we were setting up our new home and by 3:15 we were pooped.  We'll be here for over four months so it didn't seem urgent to finish today!


We relaxed with the dogs in air conditioned comfort and enjoyed our first Canopy Oaks sunset.  They can be magnificent here!

Monday November 20, 2023

Aahhh!  We could get used to relaxing in paradise like this!

Tuesday November 21, 2023

At lunch time we drove Jake and Jasper to Frostproof, a small town about 13 miles west of our campground.


We wondered if they would remember the 'Pup Cups' at the Frost Bite diner.


Yup . . . they remembered quite clearly!


Oh boy!

Brain freeze!

They licked their little bowls of soft serve ice cream until they were spotless!


Back at the campground we stopped at the dog park so the boys could run off their pup cups.


As you can see, Jake had a good run!

Thursday November 23, 2023


Today all of our American neighbours here at The Resort at Canopy Oaks were celebrating Thanksgiving.  Since we had enjoyed Canadian Thanksgiving over a month ago we decided that we would celebrate Decorating Day instead.



Carol attacked the dash in the RV with gusto.  She filled it with festive Christmas treasures, most of it Disney related.  It looks great and some of those decorations even sing, dance and play musical instruments.

It's hard to tell through the glare of the sun, but the dash looks good from outside too!


It's not a bad picture of Carol's phone either!


She is determined that no decorations will go up outside until December 1st . . . but somehow this big Disney flag got hung on the front of the RV.  Is it the leading edge of a wave?


While she was doing the dash I headed outdoors and put up our Clam.  It's a 12' X 12' screened enclosure that we use to cover the picnic table.  During the day it keeps us shaded from the sun, somewhat protected from rain and most importantly it keeps out those nasty little 'no-see-ums' that really enjoy feasting on me.  The teensy weensy biting midges don't like Carol but apparently I'm delicious!


Carol cooked a Turkey for dinner, just so our fellow campers wouldn't think we were weird.  Here's a culinary tip for you . . . when you see a turkey for 49¢ a pound remember - you get what you pay for.  It wasn't bad, but we've certainly had better!


After dinner I took a few pictures of our campsite in the dark so you get a glimpse before all the Christmas stuff brightens it up!

Sunday November 26, 2023

We've had a few relaxing days.  As you can see on the right, the dogs have settled right in here at Canopy Oaks and they're feeling at home.




Yesterday we went to Forever Vintage, about 25 miles from our campground.  It's a store that buys unsold merchandise that Disney is clearing out.  You never know what will be there   It's a combination of new merchandise and used furnishings and fixtures.


There's always something interesting!

I waited in the car with the dogs while Carol shopped.

She found some nice Disney drawstring bags.

Twenty of these bags will be filled with goodies and sent to Igloolik next Christmas!

Today we drove to the nearby village of Frostproof to pick up a few groceries.  It wasn't at all surprising to see this swamp buggy parked in front of the grocery store.  There are plenty of rigs like this in the area.  Between these buggies and the big air-boats on almost every lake and river you can visit some very out-of-the-way places.


We rode a swamp buggy similar to this at the Disney Wilderness Preserve in October 2014.  It's a wild ride at times but we saw some amazing wildlife and some wonderful natural vistas!


Monday November 27, 2023

Tomorrow we're spending the entire day and evening at Walt Disney World and that means we'll be checking Jake and Jasper in at the Best Friends Kennel.  They needed a Canine Influenza booster shot before we get there so today they went to the Lake Wales Animal Hospital.


They must have known that the pups are Disney fans because the windows were all painted up with Disney Christmas scenes.  Nice!


It made us feel so festive that we drove on to a nearby WalMart where Carol picked up a couple of poinsettias to decorate our campsite.


We were home in time for a late lunch and enjoyed another lazy day in paradise.

Tuesday November 28, 2023

It was a busy day.  A long and busy day.  A long and busy and cold day!


We loaded the dogs in the car and left at 8:30.  Traffic heading to Disney was terrible.  The sixty mile trip took us two hours.  We checked the dogs in at Best Friends Kennel near Fort Wilderness.  Jasper ran off right away to play outside with his buddies . . . Jake prefers to hang out on his own in the suite he shares with Jasper.


Carol and I headed off to EPCOT to enjoy a bit of the Festival of the Holidays.  This is one of the many Disney festivals that totally envelope the calendar year.  There used to be a couple of festivals and they were a real treat . . . now they never end.  When one festival ends the next begins immediately.


The Festival of the Holidays explains and demonstrates how each of the countries around the Word Showcase Lagoon celebrates Christmas.


The holiday decor is very nice, but it's hard to get a clear picture of it because of all the people taking selfies or wandering around aimlessly reading their cell phones.

We stopped for a few PhotoPasses.

Our lunch was a roving affair as we sampled dishes from several of the food kiosks.


Carol ordered the Turkey Poutine.  When Carol saw it she said, 'Ew, sweet potato fries.  My husband won't eat that.'  so the cast member gave her a free dish with regular fries.  Damn - she's good!

The clean-up squad was watching closely as we ate!

Pere Noel at the French Pavilion

The pastrami on rye was tasty.

We both enjoyed the slow-roasted turkey.


Pete is a true artiste!  He made this sidewalk Mickey with a combination of dirt, leaves, twigs and bird droppings.  Very nice!

 La Befana is a good witch who flies on a broom as she delivers Christmas gifts to good Italian children on the Eve of the Epiphany.

When she isn't holding or riding her broom it waits patiently by her side.

There is a scavenger hunt with a hidden Olaf in every country around the lagoon.

Hot chocolate and Apple Caramel Crumb Cake

Santa was escorting children to his sleigh where a photographer took pictures.

Coffee and a Leche Waffle at Creations

We bumped into old friends Linda and Brice Briel in Creations.

They're originally from the Albany NY area but live in Georgia in retirement.

Just after 4:00 p.m. we drove to the Magic Kingdom Parking Lot and took the monorail from the Ticket & Transportation Centre to the theme park.


Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party started at 7:00 p.m.


They led us into the park on a backstage walkway behind the Main Street shops.  It was littered with entertainers and interesting decorations.

A very entertaining dancer on stilts was performing.

A PhotoPass backdrop.

We stopped at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe for a quick bite of dinner.  Bacon cheeseburger for me, chicken fingers for Carol.  While we waited Carol managed to book a spot in the virtual queue for TRON.  Hooray!  Our group was called just as we finished eating.

We rode TRON for the third time.  This time we rode on the bikes . . . .WOW!

We watched the 8:30 parade in Liberty Square.

After the parade we cruised a few of the Christmas Treat stations scattered around the park and enjoyed some of the egg nog, cider, hot chocolate and cookies they were giving away.  This year the cookies were quite good so we made sure we got dozens of them to take home before we settled in to watch the 10:00 p.m. fireworks.


We found a great spot in The Hub to watch the special party version of the nightly fireworks display.  It's amazing the effects they can create with lights, lasers, sound and fireworks!

By the time the fireworks ended we were both extremely well chilled.  It was 48ºF (8ºC) and our hoodies just weren't enough to keep us warm.  Perhaps we should have worn long pants.


We sucked it up and took a late night ride on the WEDWAY People Mover where we soaked in some of the seasonal lighting in Tomorrowland before we left the park at 11:55.


We beat the crowd that was about to exit the park when the party ended at midnight, boarded the monorail to the parking lot and picked up a pair of very excited dogs at the kennel.


We were back to the campground by 2:00 p.m. and fell into bed at 2:30.  It was our latest night out since May 27, 2001 . . . but that's another story altogether!


Monday December 4, 2023

The campground really cleared out after the Thanksgiving weekend and it's now slowly filling up again as more snowbirds arrive every day.  There are still lots of empty sites around us.


The weather has been hot; in the mid to high 80's every afternoon and quite humid.  Not the kind of conditions that Canadians like.

Thankfully our campsite gives us some welcome shade all day long!

Carol spent some time grooming the dogs.

Jake is always totally relaxed when Carol trims him . . .

. . . Jasper on the other hand does a lot of squirming!

We see an amazing sunset almost every night!

The dogs both like chillin' outside in the grass!

Carol is at the BBQ getting dinner ready!


The campsite is really feeling homey and cozy.  Canopy Oaks is a great place to call our 'Home for the Holidays'


Life is good here!

Wednesday December 6, 2023

Carol decided that it was time for a spur of the moment trip to Animal Kingdom, so we loaded up the dogs, checked them in at the Pet Paradise kennel in Kissimmee and went to the park.


Just after we entered I spotted De-Vine out of the corner of my eye.  She is a character almost totally covered in foliage who appears regularly near the park entrance.  As you can see she blends right in with her surroundings. 

Carol managed to get in close . . .

She got some great close-up shots!

The Merry Menagerie puppets are so lifelike!

We picked up Annual Passholder magnets in DinoLand

A baby Siamang with a mature one to the right.

While we had lunch at Yak & Yeti we watched the Webcam at Pet Paradise.

Jasper was having a blast with his buddies!
Jake was really enjoying some quiet time in his suite.

The female tiger was sound asleep!

The male was prowling and then hugged his favourite scratching post!

An owl in flight!

We rode a banshee in a Pandora 'Rite of Passage'

We headed toward the exit and I watched the 'Winged Encounters'

show while Carol browsed the shops.

Four very rare Macaws in full flight.

They flew just inches above the crowd.

One more puppet encounter!


We left the park at about 4:30 and headed to Pet Paradise.  The dogs were very happy to see us!


Our GPS took us south on the Florida Turnpike on the way home, the same route we used to get there in the morning.  At Yeehaw Junction we took Highway 60 westbound.  It's about 33 miles longer than our normal route but it's faster since you miss all the congestion on Highway 27 and Interstate 4.  I also like the route because it's so much fun to say 'Yeehaw Junction'


We had the dogs home by 6:30 where they enjoyed a late dinner.

So did Carol and I.

Naughty Santa.

Believe me . . . she's a naughty girl!

Thursday December 7, 2023

We did nothing all day.  It was nice!


We fed the dogs a bit early and left at about 4:30 heading to Bok Tower Gardens for dinner and a concert.  They prepared a very nice steak dinner for a dozen of us in The Blue Palmetto Café then Carol browsed the shop while I waited in the lobby outside the theatre.


The lobby was beautifully decorated for Christmas and the theme was snowy owls and cardinals.  Carol is now planning to redo our trees at home!



The entrance to the theatre carried on the cardinal theme and the stage was decorated for the occasion.  The stage looked a bit Christmas-y and a bit Halloween-y.

There were about 50 people there for the evening's concert.  A string quartet performed for over an hour.  All four are members of the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra and they were very good!  The selection included classical music and Christmas classics.  It ranged from Mozart to Peggy Lee.


It was a terrific way to end a day well wasted!

Saturday December 9, 2023

Today there was a pin trading event at the Holiday Inn on Hotel Plaza Boulevard so we were up bright and early for a road trip!


I dropped Carol off at the hotel at 9:45 with instructions to pick her up in exactly two hours!

She later reported that it was a great event.  Much bigger than the one she went to at the same hotel last month.  She saw plenty of friends and some very familiar faces   She made some good trades and completed a few sets she's been trying to complete for years!

While she was wasting her time with pins I went on to Pet Paradise and checked Jake and Jasper in for doggie daycare.


We know for sure that Jasper likes it there but it's harder to tell with Jake!

The check-in lobby overlooks one of the doggie pools!


I went to Disney Springs and did a bit of Christmas shopping.  I finished just in time to pick Carol up at 11:45 and we headed toward the Costco store near the Millenia Mall.  On the way we were distracted by an eatery called Hash House A Go-Go.   Our friend Gary Schaengold from Dayton recommended it so we dropped in to give it a try.


Wow.  It was delicious and the portions were huge!  Carol had fried chicken.

I had corned beef hash.


While we ate we watched Jasper on the Pet Paradise webcam.  He really enjoys playing with the other dogs around the pool.  He's top-centre in the picture above.

Here he is on the left, in the water up to his belly.  That's as deep as he ever goes!


He splashed around the pool all day.  That's a lot more activity than he's used to but he sure seemed to be having fun!


Jake on the other hand does not like hanging out with other dogs; he spends a quiet day in his own suite. He does have a one-on-one play time with one of the dog sitters,  We are not sure what they do but Jake comes home exhausted too so he must enjoy it.


Looks like Jasper's trying to avoid a butt-sniff from the big white dog!  I guess if you're a dog it's all in a day's fun!


After lunch Carol and I finally made it to Costco where we did a bit of shopping.  She had great plans to go to Hobby Lobby, DSW and Burlington, but the stores were crowded, the parking lots were full and the traffic was crazy around the Millenia Mall.  We were pooped so we scrapped those plans, picked up the dogs about 3:30 and headed home.


We pulled in at 5:00 and enjoyed a quiet evening.  Jasper slept very well!

Saturday December 9, 2023

Things got off to a very slow start this morning.

We started putting up our outdoor Christmas decorations yesterday morning but the wind was gusting and making it difficult so we called it a day after putting about four of them up.  We hoped for better weather this morning.


About 8:30 last night an incredible gust of wind interrupted our TV show.  It started without any warning . . . all was calm and quiet and then BAM . . . 50 MPH winds and driving rain.


We both ran outside and started grabbing stuff that was blowing away!  Carol pulled the plug on the few inflatables we had standing while I held down our Clam.  It's a six-sided screened-in dining shelter.  Three of the six corners of the Clam were staked down in the grass but the three corners on the concrete pad were lifting as much as three feet in the air.  I held the clam down while Carol rescued the blow-ups, then she held it down while I ran out some new guy-wires to secure the un-pegged corners.  The wind almost carried her away while I was rigging the new ropes.  Yikes . . . it was wild.


We were out in the weather for about twenty minutes and we were both completely saturated when we came inside.  Then the wind stopped instantly, the same way it started, after about 30 minutes.  The rain carried on most of the night.


We were out working on the decorations by 10:00 a.m.

This is how it looked when we finished after lunch!

The sky blazed with another amazing sunset!


Everything looked even better after the sun went down!  Several of the inflatables are new this year and we're quite happy with them.


♪♫  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  ♫♪

Mickey and Minnie seem pleased with the results.  As you can see below, even the Mickey lamp posts are smiling and dressed in Christmas colours!

Wednesday December 13, 2023

Today we were heading to EPCOT to spend the entire day and evening.  We pulled out of the campground at 8:00 a.m. and checked the dogs in at the Best Friends kennel across from Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort.


It was refreshingly cool and overcast when we got to the park at 10:15.  Carol had booked the virtual queue for Guardians of the Galaxy - Cosmic Rewind and our group was called just before we got there, so I headed directly to the attraction!

Carol doesn't like the Guardians ride so she was able to do some guilt-free shopping!

I listened to 'The Jammitors' for a few minutes on the way past them.

I rode Guardians using my Magic Band then rode again using Carol's!

Carol and Daisy were waiting when I finished my rides!


We toured around a newly renovated area near Spaceship Earth (directly behind us in this picture).  The construction barriers and hoarding have recently come down to reveal some wonderfully designed 'people space'.  There are trees, shaded areas to sit on benches or at tables and lots of plugs to charge electronic devices and ECVs.


The one thing lacking in most parks is space to sit and relax for a minute or two during the day.  This was a welcome sight for these two old fogies!


Peace, Love and Pixie Dust!

Anna Carol & Marie


We heard someone in the crowd calling Carol's name.  It was Anna and Marie, some friends from back home in Canada.  We visited for a few minutes outside one of the Port of Entry stores then I did some very important Christmas shopping!

At Shanghai we enjoyed a snack of Chicken Skewers and Spring Rolls.

Daisy was stalking us . . . she followed us all the way to Italy.

We took a spin on Spaceship Earth

Disney fans will recognize these scenes!

We watched a couple of live shows, first beside World Showcase Lagoon and then later in Canada.  Both groups were very good!

 A spirited and energetic group.  They sounded like a gospel choir.

Much better than that horrible lumberjack show!

We ended dinner at The Rose and Crown with sticky toffee pudding.

Does it look like I'm enjoying it?


We stopped in Mexico and took the Gran Fiesta Tour with Donald Duck, José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles.


Then we headed to The America Gardens Theatre for the 7:00 p.m. performance of the Candlelight Processional.

Six trumpeters opened the show with a fanfare!

Then they moved off to the wings, three on each side.

The choristers in the gold robes are Disney Cast Members

who volunteer for the choir.

The singers in the green robes are professionals who are employed by Disney.

They are 'The Voices of Liberty'  and sing daily in The American Pavilion.

The guest narrator this evening was Canadian actor Brendan Fraser.

He did a terrific job telling the Christmas story.


We both really enjoy the Candlelight Processional and we attend it every year if we're near Walt Disney World during the holiday season.


The narrator tells a short piece of the nativity story and then the talented choir sings a related hymn or Christmas Carol.  It's a wonderful way to usher in the festive season!



After the processional we headed to The Land Pavilion and took a boat ride through the greenhouses.  They are all decorated for the holidays!


There are a lot more lights than we've seen in the displays in previous years.

Spaceship Earth was ablaze with colour as we left the park at 9:00 p.m. to spring the dogs from prison!  It was 10:45 when we pulled into our campsite.  We were pooped after a long day but it was a very good day!

Monday December 18, 2023

We've had several windy and rainy days this week.  We've been trapped indoors.  The dogs managed to use the time to catch up on their rest!


Carol spent her time experimenting with Christmas coffee mugs to determine which one works best!


Today we planned to meet friends Deb and Linda at Bok Tower Gardens.  We were delighted to have a bright and sunny day.  It was a bit cool, a perfect day to hike through the flowers to the carillon tower at the top of the hill.


Deb and Linda were in the car head of us as we drove through the check-in gate at the gardens.

They have a handy display showing what plants are in bloom.  Carol studied it before we began our trek.

Huge live oak trees draped in Spanish moss.

Sprawling lawns.

Beautiful ponds.

We stopped to feed some koi in a pond at the base of the tower/

This heron watched closely from the weeds across the pond.


Carol likes flowers and there are plenty at Bok Tower Gardens.  Naturally she took lots and lots of pictures!

Our last glimpse of the tower!


We had a nice lunch at Frostbite on the way back to the campground, then enjoyed a quiet day at home with the dogs.  We've had a lot of those quiet days lately . . . and we're enjoying it!

January 2, 2024


We enjoyed some more of those quiet days as we waited for Christmas and New Year!



Not far from Bok Tower Gardens is a very forgettable tourist attraction.  There's no admission fee and you get exactly what you pay for.  You pull your car up to the white line and it rolls backward.  Exactly like you expected it to do.


Carol had the motor home all decked out for Christmas.


December 21st was a beautiful sunny day to sit under the pines and enjoy an outdoor jazz concert at Bok Tower Gardens!


On December 22nd we joined friends Deb and Linda for another stroll around the grounds at Bok Tower Gardens followed by a nice lunch in the Blue Palmetto Café.


This horticulturalist told us everything we need to know about growing

bananas . . . except how to grow them in Canada!

'Pretty please Momma!'

The puppies enjoyed another pup cup at Frost Bites.  It's still their favourite diner!

Carol roasted a turkey on Christmas Eve and we enjoyed a wonderful holiday dinner in the motor home.


We all slept in Christmas morning and enjoyed coffee and breakfast before the four of us dug into our Christmas stockings!

On Christmas morning Jasper and Jake posed for

a portrait with their brand new squeaky toys.


This one looked suitable for framing!


Later on Christmas Day we headed to the clubhouse where we joined about 60 other campers for a pot-luck Christmas dinner.  We weren't sure exactly what we were getting into but it was a very nice time!  Our tablemates were a couple from Sauble Beach Ontario, a couple from Buffalo New York  and another couple from New Hampshire.

On Boxing Day it was time to put the decorations away.  They had to sit on the

concrete pad for quite a while to dry out after all the rain we've had!

The World Junior Hockey Championship started on Boxing Day and kept Gary

amused for almost a week!

Aahh . . . the sunsets here are wonderful.

Park time is always fun for the boys!

They both run until their tongues hang out!

Have we mentioned the sunsets here?

January 17, 2024

A January 3rd SpaceX rocket launch from Cape Canaeral.

We have had cool and rainy weather the past few weeks.  We've stuck pretty close to home but fortunately there was plenty of hockey for me to watch.  The World Junior Hockey Championship and the Women's Under 18 World Championship have both been televised in the past few weeks.  The new Professional Women's Hockey League launched with it's first game on January 1st.  Carol is not a hockey fan . . . but boredom sometimes overtook her and she occasionally glanced at the screen.

The small white dot in the bottom right is Stage 2 heading to space; the white dot in the middle on top is Stage 1 rotating before it fires its rockets to brake for it's return to the Spaceport.

Animal Kingdom on January 4th.

Aren't the otters cute?

A subliminal message from a pachyderm!

Carol spotted a lion!

A mom and her 2 year old baby.

A giant Silverback eating a tree.

We took a ride on the Na'vi River Journey during  our first visit to Pandora this winter!

The Shaman of Songs

Sand Cranes at River Ranch, a dude ranch next to our campground.


There was a Sheltie convention at the dog park.  There were six Shetland Sheepdogs that afternoon.

Rainy days . . .

. . . and gloomy dogs!

We went to EPCOT January 16th

The annual Festival of the Arts has just begun!

We met Canadian friends Wanda and Graeme and spent the day with them.

Jonathan joined us for a while.  He's a Canadian Cultural Representative

at the Canada Pavilion.


We always enjoy the free concerts where Broadway stars sing hits from Disney's Broadway shows.


Heidi Blickenstaff starred as Ursula in The Little Mermaid and as Tess Coleman (the Mom) in Freaky Friday.


Gavin Lee was the first star to play Bert (the Dick Van Dyke role) in the Broadway production of Mary Poppins.

Gavin can really 'Step in Time'

January 24, 2024


Friday January 19th we checked the dogs in at Pet Paradise and headed to Animal Kingdom to meet a group of friends.  This is Jasper's favourite kennel . . . there he is hanging out beside the pool with his girlfriend!


DeVine was waiting when we entered the park and then we watched the 'Winged Encounters' show in front of the Tree of Life.   Colourful and noisy macaws fill the skies several times a day.

We met Carrie and Tim, Francine and Becky and Becky's son Andrew and her nephew Ross.  We had a nice visit while enjoying lunch at the Satu'li Canteen in Pandora.

Then we took a safari ride with Tim and Carrie.

I need to practice taking selfies . . . I missed myself but I did get Tim & Carrie!

There were lots of wildebeests.

Today was the first time we've seen a giraffe sitting down!

White rhinos.

A cheetah walking way, way back in the shade.

The lions were roaring as we passed.

It was quite a conversation . . . and LOUD!

She was still scolding him as we pulled away!

Jake was happy to get home from the kennel.

Monday January 22nd we went back to Bok Tower Gardens.

The boys like walking around the gardens.

We finally found The Window on the Pond.

The walking paths are mostly paved and are filled with colourful plants!

Wednesday January 24th was our 67th day at Canopy Oaks.

We made it to the pool for the first time!

January 31, 2024

We've enjoyed a few lazy days with the dogs.  They love to romp at the dog park!

They've even befriended a local herd of goats!

Carol's sharp eyes spotted this fellow on the side of the road.

As we pulled to a stop he flew up into a nearby tree,

Jasper likes camping!

January 29th Carol picked a fresh orange at Bok Tower Gardens.

These signs line the entrance to Bok Tower Gardens.

She finally spotted her first Gopher Tortoise.  They're native to the southeastern United States. The gopher tortoise is seen as a keystone species because it digs burrows that provide shelter for at least 360 other animal species.

January 30th we headed back to EPCOT for more Festival of the Arts fun!

Look - she's got horns!

Our Disney friends will hear the rooster and the dog when they see this picture!

'Always good to see you Carol!'

'Hey, look, it's my pal Gary!'

We took a boat from Canada to Morocco.

Carol bought a print and Joey Chou signed it for her.

We had an early dinner in China and I looked out the window at Norway!

Pot stickers and crab stuffed wontons!  Yummy!

We've known Alex for quite a few years and Carol has plenty of his art.

He's now been with Disney for 30 years!

He's even done a 'one of a kind' original piece for Carol!

After chatting with Alex, we walked directly into the America Gardens Theatre and enjoyed Mickey Bars as we waited for the Disney on Broadway show!

Kissy Simmons was the original Nala in The Lion King on Broadway.

Josh Strickland was the original Tarzan.

Our seats were only about 5 rows back, but we were way off to the side so our

pictures weren't great.  When the 5:30 show ended we went directly to the

line for the 6:45 show.

Friends Curtis and Alek joined us and we got much better seats the

second time around!

A selfie with Alek and Curtis.

When the show was over we chatted some more with Curtis and Alek as we slowly strolled toward the park exit.


We pulled out of EPCOT at about 8:30, picked the dogs up at the Best Friends kennel and were home by 10:00 p.m.

On Wednesday January 31st Carol missed the morning yoga class for the 75th consecutive day.  I'm beginning to suspect that she might not be as serious as she claims to be about her new hobby!

February 17, 2024

There's more than flowers at Bok Tower Gardens!



February 1st was Dedication Day at Bok Tower Gardens; the 94th anniversary of the opening of the Tower by President Calvin Cooledge in 1929.  It's the one day each year when people are allowed to cross the bridge in front of the tower and view the ornate bronze door.

We joined the line at 11:00

The view from the bridge.

The wrought iron is amazing!

Jake is behind Jasper but he refused to smile for the camera!


Each segment portrays a scene from The Bible


The pups behaved themselves so we took them for a treat!

Ridge Island Groves, Haines City FL - February 3, 2024


Tuesday February 6th we fed the dogs their dinner a bit early and left at 4:00 p.m. for EPCOT to see another Disney on Broadway show.

Ashley Brown was the original Mary Poppins on Broadway

L. Steven Taylor was Mufasa in The Lion King cast on Broadway

WOW  They were great!

Our Canadian friends Dave and Cindy Ripley enjoyed

Bok Tower Gardens with us on February 7th.

Our new E-Bikes were delivered February 12th and we couldn't wait to go for a spin.

Of course, the new bikes needed  a new garage!

This Northern Shrike love to sit and sing in the oak tree beside our motor home.


Carol and I celebrated Valentine's Day with Jake and Elwood, The Blues Brothers, at Manny's Chop House in Lake Wales.  It was happy hour so ordering one Manhattan means that you get two.  After a tasty dinner Carol drove us home!

We took another day-trip to Disney on February 15th.

Carol browsed the shops at Hollywood Studios while I snapped a few pictures

and enjoyed some people watching.

We enjoyed some Mickey Bars before riding Slinky Dog Dash

Jake was sleeping in his suite but Jasper was hanging with his buddies

at Pet Paradise.  That's him on top of the plastic mountain, on the left.

The Toy Soldier Marching Band went by as we ate our ice cream.

We joined Mickey, Minnie and Engineer Goofy for a ride on the Runaway Railway.

Before we left Hollywood Studios we checked in on the dogs again.

Jasper was hanging out at the pool. There he is right beside the girl!


Carol enjoyed a morning at the pool and in the afternoon during a bike ride around the campground we bumped into Jim and Martha from Kansas City, MO.  We see them regularly in the dog park with their two Shelties, Brodie and Colt.

Brodie in front, Colt in the back.


On Saturday February 17th Carol went to the monthly pin trading meet at The Holiday Inn at Disney Springs.  She picked up a friend, pin trader Sue from Kingston at the All Star Movies Resort and they met fellow Canadian trader Jonathan, from Cobourg, who was also at the trading event.


♪ ♫ It's a Small World After All ♫ ♪