Friday May 19, 2023






Thursday night we drove to Toronto and boarded a late-night red-eye flight to Paris which landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport at 9:15 a.m. on Friday.


Our room at The Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel in Paris wasn't ready when we arrived at 11:00 a.m. so we left our luggage with the Bell Captain and boarded a hop-on hop-off bus for a tour of 'The City of Light'.

Then we had a well-earned nap!

Our Paris hotel.

Lunch at a sidewalk café in Paris.  Nice!

Notre Dame Cathedral is still being restored.

It tasted just as good as it looked!

Saturday May 20, 2023






It was a busy day in Paris. We took an Uber to the Champs-Elysees where Carol browsed through the Disney Store while I waited just down the street at the Arc de Triomphe. We enjoyed the amazing view from the top of the Arc and then, beside the Eiffel Tower we boarded a Bateau Parisiens and cruised along the Seine passing under 22 bridges. The adventurous part of the day was our tuk-tuk ride from the Eiffel Tower to Sacre-Coeur Cathedral at the top of the dome at Montmartre. Yikes - it was thrilling and a lot of fun!


A rooftop garden in the foreground and

Montmartre on the hill in the background.

'Is my hair OK?'


The Crystal Palace

That's The Musée D'Orsay behind us.

The Louvre

Notre Dame Cathedral from the river.


These fools must have dropped something valuable!

The Musée D'Orsay again.

'Hey, there's that danged tower again!'

'Let's take a tuk-tuk to Montmartre!'

Yippee Ki-yay!

The Moulin Rouge

Traffic in Paris is CRAZY! (and so are tuk-tuk drivers)

Paris in the distance behind us.

The same restaurant again.  Great desserts!


Sunday May 21, 2023


A limo service took us from Paris to the Newport Bay Club at Disneyland Paris in style; our first ride in a Tesla.


Our room wasn't ready so we left our luggage with the Bell Captain and headed to Disneyland.


We spent almost the entire day in the theme park, returning to the hotel at 3:00 p.m. to unpack and settle in our room.  Then we headed right back to Disneyland and stayed until the park closed after the 11:00 p.m. fireworks.


It was a very long day but the Disney D-Light drone show and the fireworks made it all worthwhile!


Monday May 22, 2023

We spent the morning at Disneyland Paris and went to Walt Disney Studios for the late afternoon and evening.

Tuesday May 23, 2023

This was our last day at Disneyland and we still hadn't covered all of it.  There was still plenty of ground to cover!


Wednesday May 24, 2023

We rode the hotel shuttle to the Chessy train station which is right beside the entrance to Disneyland and boarded a high speed train to Strasbourg.


There we switched to a local train which took us to Basel Switzerland where we were to begin our Adventures By Disney cruise on the Rhine River.


The ride was smooth and quiet but the French countryside was a

blur as it flew past the window.  I downloaded a GPS Speedometer

app for my phone and checked our speed.  HOLY COW!

We peaked at just over 200 MPH.

At Strasbourg we switched to a regular commuter line with trains

running to Basel every 30 minutes.  It was a bit slower, but Via Rail

and GO Transit still have something to strive for!

Our corner room at the Hyperion Hotel gave us a nice view of the city!

Thursday May 25, 2023

We had breakfast in our hotel and dropped off our luggage in the lobby with the Adventures By Disney guides Amanda, Susanne, Daniel and Byron.  We didn't need to be to the ship until 5:00 p.m. so we hopped on a streetcar right in front of the hotel and rode into the old historic district of Basel. 


We explored the narrow cobbled streets and scaled some steep hills on our way to a wonderful farmer's market and the Basel Minster, a cathedral built between 1019 and 1500.


We enjoyed a light lunch at an outdoor cafe across the platz from the Minster and when we finished exploring the old church we walked along the shore of the Rhine to board the Amalucia which will be our home for a week.


What a surprise!  Carol found a chocolate shop!

Carol's filling a water bottle at a public fountain.

It's safe to drink from any fountain in Basel.

We had been in the country less than twenty-four

hours when Carol said, 'I love Switzerland!'

The Basel Minster

Walking along the Rhine.

The Amalucia is on the left.

The crew were on the steps to greet us as we boarded.

Our stateroom was lovely and spacious.

Guides Amanda, Daniel & Susanne in the lounge.

Sailing away from Basel and into the sunset!

Carol said, 'I could get used to this!'

Our first lock.

The gates in the locks aren't like home.  They lift straight up.

Friday May 26, 2023

When we woke up this morning we were docked in Breisach Germany. After breakfast we joined our tour group in the main lounge and at 8:30 our ABD guide, Daniel, escorted us to a waiting bus.
It was a 90 minute drive to the Black Forest where Carol and I threw caution to the wind and hopped on a couple of gravity powered rocket sleds that were attached to a downhill rollercoaster track.

We were cautious on our first downhill run but then we put the pedal to the metal for the next two runs. It was great fun.

After a tasty German lunch we toured a historic village in the Black Forest and visited a couple of 400 year old homes.

The bus whisked us back to Breisach just in time for dinner, then we spent the evening on our balcony and watched the sun set over France.

'I'm supposed to ride this thing down a mountain?'

Yup.  Three times!

Poppies were blooming everywhere!

Single ladies wear this hat in red.  Married ladies wear black.

Apparently unattached beetles wear them too!

€2,690 - about $4,000 Canadian dollars!

Saturday May 27, 2023

This morning we were docked in Strasbourg by the time we woke up. We boarded a bus after breakfast for the 15 minute drive to the historic downtown area of the city.  Our first activity was a Batorama. (Should it be bateau-rama?) We boarded a boat with a glass ceiling for a panoramic cruise of the canals in this ancient town.

Then we explored Notre Dame Cathedral built between 1015 and 1439. Amazing.  The church's astronomical clock dates back to the 14th century.

After touring the cathedral Carol and I hopped on a trolley for a land tour around the same area we had covered on the boat. It's a blessing to be able to enjoy some time in such a historic place!

We were back aboard the boat in time for a late lunch and then enjoyed a restful afternoon to ourselves.  After dinner we relaxed on the upper deck and watched the sun set, then went to the lounge where a local performer strummed his guitar and sang along with his karaoke machine. We recognized the melodies as he sang 'The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down', 'The Walk of Life' and 'Six Days on the Road' but his accent made the lyrics impossible to follow. I sang along from memory.

It was another fantastic day!

Narrow cobbled streets - so pretty!

The astronomical clock built over 700 years ago.

It's very intricate, with many parts that move

when it strikes every quarter-hour!

The trolley took us along some very narrow streets!

An organ-grinder on a busy corner!

Sunday May 28, 2023

This morning we were docked at Speyer, just a few miles from Heidelberg. We boarded a bus at 9:00 and headed directly to Heidelberg Castle . . . or rather, the ruins of Heidelberg Castle.  It's another amazing site, perched high on a hill overlooking the city with a spectacular view of the Rhine Valley.

Our group was led through the castle ruins by three guides, all dressed in period costumes. They provided lots of details about the castle and the families who lived there.  At about noon we rode the Funicular (incline railway) down the steep hill and into the city centre. We had a bratwurst on a bun for lunch and then followed with a local speciality, spaghetti ice cream. Yum!

Carol browsed a number of the unique shops, but spent most of her time in the Christmas Shop.
We caught the bus back to the ship at 2:45 and rested on the sundeck for a while   After dinner we returned to the sundeck and watched the sunset, this time over Germany. France is now many miles behind us.

At 9:00 p.m. we went to the lounge and tapped our toes and sang along with Enrico Novi. He put on a terrific show, playing nothing but Beatles and Rolling Stones tunes. He played lead guitar and sang to pre-recorded soundtracks that he made in his home recording studio. He's a very talented man. His finale, Brown Sugar brought the house down.

Another wonderful day on the Rhine!


A big wine barrel.

The world's biggest wine barrel.

The Funicular track was very steep.

Here comes the incline train.

We had to go up a few steps to board our car.

Carol wasn't quite as nervous as she seemed to be!

Carol saw lots of stuff she liked in the Christmas Store.

Folks were fishing across from the ship when we got home.

The gang in the lounge before dinner helped us

celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary.

Monday May 29, 2023


The boat was still in motion when we woke this morning but by the time we struck out for breakfast in the dining room we had moored at Rudesheim am Rhein.

We walked into the ancient town and stopped at Siegfried's Mechanical Music Cabinet Museum. The place is home to the world's largest collection of music boxes. Some of them are huge and some of them are loud!

After our 90 minute narrated tour at Siegfried's we enjoyed a Rudesheim Coffee (30% coffee, 70% brandy) and then boarded a gondola which took us high above the vineyards and gave us an amazing view of the Rhine Valley.

We had lunch in the village and Carol browsed a few shops as we slowly made our way back to the boat.

We settled in on the sundeck and enjoyed a scenic afternoon as we sailed through the Rhine Gorge and passed by 30 castles in just a few hours. This area is littered with castles!

One of our servers, Desi from Bulgaria, sat with us and snuck a few quick bites of her cheeseburger as we enjoyed a leisurely dinner. Desi is my favorite server . . . she keeps me supplied with beer!

After dinner we were too pooped to join in karaoke so we watched the sunset from our balcony and turned in early!


The building dates back to the 14th century

and that's original paint on the ceiling.

The machines are maintained in this workshop.

We stopped for a Rudesheimer Coffee.

It's about 30% coffee and 70% brandy.

The tavern had a unique approach to social distancing!

A nearby gondola whisked us to the top of a mountain

for a very scenic view of Rudesheim and the Rhine.

ABD Guides Byron and Daniel.


Yes, that castle up the hill behind the church really is a hotel!

We saw so many castles in the Rhine Gorge that our heads

were spinning so we retired to the lounge before dinner.

Our server Desi, at the end of the table, had to eat quickly

so her bosses didn't see her.  Desi is from Bulgaria.

Tuesday May 30, 2023


Today we woke up in Cologne, or as the locals say, Koln. We were up bright and early and spotted the cathedral from our balcony. It's magnificent and by 9:45 we were walking around it. Wow! What a structure.

After exploring the interior and exterior we headed off with our ABD guide Daniel, and a local guide Thomas We visited two local breweries and sampled the local favourites. Even Carol tried them and she doesn't like beer.

We were back to the boat by 2:00 for lunch and returned to the lounge later for the Captain's cocktail reception. Our guides entertained us with a slideshow of the pictures they have taken this week then we headed to the dining room for dinner.

We finished the day with bingo in the lounge. We each got close to the prize table a few times but alas, no wins today.

Tomorrow we have a very full day in Amsterdam.

ABD Guide Daniel.

Local guide Thomas prepares us for our Pub Crawl.

Our first stop was the Früh Brewery.


To the right is a very rare picture - Carol drinking beer!

The Früh brewery building was interesting.

There was an actual chapel in the basement!


Next (and last) on our list was Peter's Brewery.

No chapel at Peter's but they did have a stained glass ceiling!

These are 'stumble stones' placed to remember

people lost during The Holocaust.

Every time we returned to the ship we were greeted

with cool moist towels and a cold drink.  Nice!

Wednesday May 31, 2023


When the sun rose we had left the Rhine behind and were steaming up a canal toward Amsterdam. We docked during breakfast and debarked at 8:00 a.m. for our cruise through some of the many canals in this beautiful city.

After our cruise we walked to the Rembrandt Museum which is located in the artist's former home. It's a 7 story building with a narrow winding staircase connecting the floors. A local guide explained Rembrandt's life and told us about his painting technique and his use of light. After the tour of Remy's place Carol and I decided to walk back to the boat. Big mistake - we were pooped when we got back at 1:15. (At the end of the day Carol's FitBit told us we had walked 8 km - that's a lot for us!)

We left again, by bus, at 2:30 and headed to a nearby historical village where we toured an operating windmill and a fake cheese factory. The windmill was interesting but the rest of the village was a bit of a yawner!

Our last dinner aboard was a chance to reminisce and laugh with some new acquaintances. After dinner we went to the lounge to enjoy the evening entertainment but we left before 10:00 p.m. so Carol could finish packing. We leave the ship at 8:30 tomorrow and catch a 12:15 flight to Toronto.

We can't believe it's over already . . . what a great trip!

The house in the middle with the black door

is where Anne Frank hid in the attic during WW2.

Seven bridges in a row.

More 'stumble stones'

They're placed near the homes or workplaces of people lost in The Holocaust.

Lots of people live in houseboats.

There are bicycles everywhere in Amsterdam.

The Rembrandt House and Museum

A diamond merchant.

Towel art in our stateroom.

These big stones were grinding chalk.

The chalk is used in the manufacturing of paint.

Our last dinner aboard the Amalucia

A final night in the lounge.

Wednesday May 31, 2023

One last look at Amsterdam.


Then Air Canada flew us home.