Tuesday April 17


We drove to Syracuse late Monday afternoon and spent the night at the Best Western Inn beside the airport.


Tuesday morning we were up bright and early to catch our 7:40 a.m. flight.  The shuttle took us to the airport at 6:15 and we cleared security in no time at all.  We had coffee and a quick bite near the departure lounge and boarded right on time at 7:05.  Takeoff was delayed a few minutes while we waited for de-icing, but the captain made up the lost time on the way south.  We landed a few minutes ahead of schedule.


We gathered our luggage from the carousel, picked up our rental car and pulled out of the airport at 11:00.


Our room at Coronado Springs wasn't ready when we checked in, so we headed off to Disney Springs for lunch at Earl of Sandwich.  Naturally there was some browsing to be done.  After lunch we wandered through the Christmas Shop and then the Art of Disney Store.  Before too long the text message arrived, our room was ready.

We drove back to Coronado Springs and got settled.  After resting for a while we took a walk around the grounds.  Well . . . part of the grounds.  The resort is large and very spread out.

We saw this display and knew immediately that it was the winged donkey from the 1945 Three Caballeros movie.  Neither of us could recall his name so we asked the two cast members standing nearby.  They replied in unison, "Burritto."


Yes, of course!  It had to be Burritto didn't it . . .

By the time we got back from our walk it was time to head back to Disney Springs for dinner at Raglan Road.

We were seated at a table directly beside one of the dance platforms so when the show started we had great seats.

We ordered our favourite appetizer, little sausages which have been battered and fried, served with a mustard sauce.  Very tasty.

We ended with bread pudding - it was wonderful.  The entrees we had in between were merely so-so.  We decided that next time we go to Raglan Road it will be for lunch; we'll have the appetizer then go straight to dessert!

The show we enjoyed during dinner was great.  The Irish musicians and singers who opened the show with a few traditional Irish ballads stayed to accompany the dancers who performed with enthusiasm.

On our way back to the parking lot we heard a loud cheer so we wandered toward the noise just in time to catch the last act of some talented street performers.  They were juggling knives with reckless abandon.  Too bad we only saw their last act.


We were back home shortly after 8:00 p.m. and settled in for a quiet night of television.

Wednesday April 18 - A Path Less Traveled tour

Sorry folks, it was a very long day - we left at 8:45 a.m. and didn't get home until after 10:00 p.m.  No time to do an update (no energy either) so I'll do my best to catch up later.

Thursday April 19 - lunch at Plaza Inn

Friday April 20 - dinner at Teppan Edo

Saturday April 21 -

Sunday April 22 - Earth Day - Disney's Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary - dinner at Tusker House

Monday April 23 -

Tuesday April 24 - 12:55 p.m. Jet Blue Flight #584 Orlando to New York JFK - 4:39 p.m. Jet Blue Flight #2516 JFK to Syracuse