Day 1 - Oct. 7th – Vermont


We got away in our motorhome at 7 a.m. and crossed the border at Cornwall, ON into New York State.  It was an easy crossing, we were the only ones at the border.  We drove on some secondary roads and then hit the back roads into the campground.  It was quite nice, our site faced the mountains. The
colours were better than we anticipated. While we were driving here we did not see much in colour at all, but about the last 40 miles in Vermont the reds and oranges started to appear, it was very pretty. 

Colours in Irasburg, VT

A reindeer farm near our campground at Irasburg, VT

We arrived at our site about 2:30 so we had lots of time to wander about. We drove into one of the local villages to see what we could see and to scout out a dining place. We found a great diner and had a wonderful Thanksgiving turkey dinner (actually Columbus Day here in the US)

Day 2 - Oct. 8th – New Hampshire


We woke up to rain and fog, it was a miserable morning. We got away from the campground about 8 a.m. and it stopped raining but was very overcast and the clouds were low. When we drove through the White Mountains we could not see Mount Washington at all. Even with the dreariness the colours were still very pretty, we kept saying, “Wouldn’t that be beautiful if the sun was shining”. 

The Balsams at Dixville Notch, NH

There's a moose in the middle . . . honest there is!

 We saw a moose today, there were signs everywhere to watch for moose and I figured we’d never see one but we did spot a female out in the marsh. We checked into the campground about 4 p.m.; it seemed like a lot of driving even though the distance was only about 160 miles but the roads are not the best and we drove slowly looking at the scenery. We went out for dinner at a local rib place, it was very good, they smoked all their meat so it had a great flavour. We were both tired so it was early to go to bed.

The colours around Dixville Notch were glorious


Our campsite at Chocorua, NH

The morning view from our campsite at Chocorua, NH

Another morning view from the campsite at Chocorua. NH

Day 3 - Oct. 9th – New Hampshire

We got off to a good start this morning; we woke up to clear skies and after a shower we were on the road by 9:00 a.m. The
colours were not as vivid as we moved south, but at least with clear skies and sunshine we were able to see them. We covered about 150 miles this day, more winding roads, rocks, lakes and hills. Our travels took us from New Hampshire into Maine then back into New Hampshire and then through Massachusetts and back into New Hampshire. We hit the Atlantic coast at noon and drove down the beaches from Portsmouth to Rye Beach. 

We had a wonderful lunch at Petey’s, a seafood spot on Rye Beach. I had a 1 ˝ pound lobster, and it is officially the most expensive lunch I have ever had, but it was great! Gary had clam strips and we both had clam chowder. We picked up a quart of their clam chowder (the best I’ve ever had) and took it back to the motor home for dinner.

When you are at Rye Beach, don't miss Petey's - awesome chowder!

Zak & Zoe liked Rye beach too!

From Rye Beach we went to a shopping mall at Salem, NH, I needed a Disney Store fix! Then back on the road, we pulled into the campground at 5:00 p.m. and Gary set things up while I walked the dogs. We heated up the clam chowder for dinner and settled in to watch a bit of TV before bed.

Day 4 - Oct. 10th - New Hampshire

This morning we woke up to a damp dreary day, so the only thing we could do was shop. It just had to be done! We found a couple of Disney stores and stopped at a few other places, Gary was pretty excited to find a “light up” palm tree for the RV and I loaded up with more lights and decorations for when we take the RV to Fort Wilderness for MouseFest. We drove around the Nashua, Merrimack and Manchester areas, it is a very pretty part of the state, even in the rain. After our marathon shopping trip we decided we had better get back to the dogs and have a quick nap before we went to dinner.

Dinner with Mike & Carol Scopa

We went to a place called Silos, it was an old barn that has been converted into a great restaurant. We had a wonderful evening with Mike and Carol Scopa, it was great seeing them and having time to visit. On the way back to the campground, at Carol’s suggestion, we stopped at the Christmas Tree Shops Store, what a place, I came out with a few bags from there!

Day 5 - Oct. 11th – New York

Today we got on the road by 8 a.m. and drove in the rain out of New Hampshire, and through Vermont. When we entered New York we did have a bit of a break in the weather so we were able to see some pretty
colours and the mountains as we drove into the camp ground at Whiteface Mountain. It is a beautiful KOA campground, lots of trees, walking trails and privacy. The weather forecast wasn’t the greatest for the next day but we hoped to be able to do some exploring in the area without getting too wet. We went out for dinner at the Wilderness Inn, it was a very quaint restaurant and the food was great. It was a 250-mile long day so we were both tired, it was an early night.

Gorgeous scenery and a dreary day!

Day 6 - Oct. 12th – New York

We got up and while it was overcast it wasn’t raining yet so we took the dogs and walked along one of the trails that follows a gorge and rushing river. It was very scenic and the dogs had lots of fun playing in the leaves. When we got back to the RV we cleaned up a bit and decided to go into Lake Placid for lunch, it was a pretty drive even though it was raining by now. We stopped to take some pictures of the mountain but it was pretty cloudy at the top, it also looked like the rain up there but it was actually snow, the temperature was dropping fast. We drove into Lake Placid and found a place for lunch then drove around trying to remember the places we had been to many years ago. Things change and memories fade so we were just guessing where the now not so familiar places were. By now this time it was raining hard and we were a bit chilled so we went back to the RV for a nap. Around 4 p.m. something woke me, what was that?  Wow!!  It was the sun, I woke Gary up, grabbed the dogs and we hopped in the car and drove around taking pictures with sunshine. It was extremely windy and very cold and the sun only lasted a short time but it was enough. For dinner we went to a local pub and had burgers, they were very good and the place was very warm and cozy. When we got back to the RV we started packing up so we could get an early start  heading home in the morning.

On the bridge at the base of Whiteface Mountain

Zoe loves to play in the leaves

Zak almost blends into the forest

The Ausable River runs through our campground

Whiteface Mountain (yes, that's snow on top)

It was a fun trip even if the weather wasn’t that great. We loved the campground at Whiteface Mountain and even booked it for a week next summer. Our drive home was uneventful and we were unpacking the RV in Kingston by 2 o’clock in the afternoon.